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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Canyon Equality Resolution up for vote Tues night, May 5

[Update: the text of the Resolution is linked here.]

According to the Napa Valley Register (and more than a handful of twitizens who're spreading the news), the American Canyon City Council will bring an Equality Resolution (an exact copy of Yountville's successful resolution) up for a vote next, Tuesday, May 5.

Some believe the Resolution won't be as successful in American Canyon--the only City in the County that approved Prop 8 in November's election--as it has been in up-valley cities, but only tonight will tell. The Register explains there are already two supporters on the Council, the Mayor and Councilwoman Joan Bennett:
Bennett, who calls herself a devout Catholic, said she doesn’t believe the state should be discriminating against a sexual minority when it writes its marriage rules.

She is asking the American Canyon council to adopt a resolution that is a copy of the one passed by the Yountville Town Council on April 7. The resolution acknowledges that state voters have banned same-sex marriage, but states the city’s opposition to discrimination of any kind. American Canyon has a history of taking positions on issues over which it does not have direct authority, such as its proud support of U.S. troops, Bennett said Monday.

Passing a same-sex marriage resolution won’t change state law, “but we can certainly make it known that we do care about fairness and equal rights in our community,” Bennett said.

Mayor Leon Garcia said Bennett would have his vote on Tuesday night. “We just think it’s the right thing to do,” he said.
I think American Canyon, a "commuter city" at the entrance of the Napa Valley, could do well for itself--and put itself on the gay tourist map--by passing the resolution. American Canyon is the most diverse city in the Napa Valley, and, although more than a few minority groups still express anger about combining race-based civil rights with the sexual orientation based fight for equality, it's hard not to make that comparison. You'd think we'd do well to take the time to get to know and understand each other, but Napa isn't exactly famous for reaching across barriers. It takes time. Here's to hoping that American Canyon joins Yountville and St. Helena in becoming another Napa Valley City that takes a stand for equality.


  1. The NVR did not publish the resolution itself, and I haven't been able to find it. Do you have a copy of the actual resolution? It would be nice to know what it really says.
    Additionally, this story presents another opportunity to get our request for equality out in front of the public again, though many conservatives are trotting out the same old complaints, calling us whiners instead of offering rational arguements against equality. (Maybe because there are none?) It seems that those doing the whining are the ones complaining about whining.

  2. Post with doc embedded coming later this morning, but in the mean time, ENS, here's the link to the Equality Resolution (I downloaded from Yountville and shared on Scribd: