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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yountville passes Equality Resolution Tuesday, April 7: BREAKING NEWS

Exciting progressive news from an upvalley friend of The Fruit as Yountville became the first municipality in the Napa Valley to pass an Equality Resolution--hopefully launching a turn-around from the sad results in Napa last month:
Last night, the Yountville Town Council passed an Equal Rights Resolution. The resolution was similar to the one that the Napa City Council refused to vote on last month. There was public comment by both gay and straight Yountville citizens and business owners. All comment was in support of the Resolution and there was no public comment against it, much like in Napa. After public comment, Councilman Chilton attempted to echo the Napa City Cuncil's position and state why this was not a matter for the Town. He was supported in this position by Councilman Dutton. However, Mayor Cindy Saucerman made final comment saying that this resolution was appropriate Town business in her opinion. The Vice Mayor then introduced the Resolution, Councilwoman Mohller seconded it and it went to a vote. It passed with three Yes votes and abstentions from Councilman Dutton and Councilman Chilton.
Yountville citizens celebrated this affirming resolution's passage with drinks and food at the community table of Bistro Jeanty.
That is what happened, in a nutshell:-)
Video of the meeting can be found on the Younville Town Council's website, at the link for the April 7 meeting. Also of note, according to the Napa Valley Equality Coalition, in Yountville 53.3% voted NO on Proposition 8.

Go Yountville! ...and congrats to all our community's hard work for the equality movement all over the Valley and the State.

[Update, 10:35am: The Register also just posted about this.]

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