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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Napa Guerrilla Gay Bar in Yountville this Friday, May 1

Oh sh*t! Sorry I'm late on posting this one, folks. Our Mission Commander briefed the troops quick over the weekend, and I got all busied-over by my Monday and Tuesday. (Thank you for the reminder, Commander, Sir!) Without further ado, here's our next Guerrilla Gay Bar Mission, Cliff Notes version:
When: this Friday, May 1
Where: Pancha's, 6764 Washington Street, Yountville
Time: 6p and later
Special Instructions: Wear something red to celebrate May Day and to be able to really notice your friendly, local LGBT and gay-friendly Pancha's patrons (or at least folks who like red)
Of course, visit the full instructions at Napa Guerrilla Gay Bar blog if you want a larger purpose, but we all know the main point is for us to get together as good gays and socialize over adult beverages...

Hopefully you've heard what a success last month's was, hopefully this Friday will be just as fun. Maybe we'll see more new people, too, since it's going to be a tad-bit more upvalley?

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