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Monday, April 27, 2009

No Dining Out for Life in Napa, again

photo by brandi666

In the Napa Valley--a world class dining destination--HIV/AIDS charities are sitting at a dirty table yet again.

For some reason, for yet another year, no Napa Valley restaurants are participating in the Dining Out for Life event this Thursday, April 30th. I wrote about this last year--Dining Out for Life is a special event, pairing restaurants of all tastes and sizes with people who want to support a worthy cause.

Locally, San Francisco and the East Bay are hosting this Thursday, April 30, Sacramento held their event last Friday, April 24, and Sonoma (for some weird reason) holds theirs in December each year.

It's not like we don't have a worthy cause: the Queen of the Valley's CARE Network reported at last month's Unity League Mixer and shared that at any moment there's an average of 70 or 80 HIV/AIDS patients in the Napa Valley receiving their support... And it's not like restaurants don't need a great reason to get their tables filled...

What gives, Napa? If any restaurateurs are reading this, start planning now for next year... OR, better yet, use the comments of the tipline to let us know that if we go out at your restaurant THIS YEAR that you'll donate 25% or more to the CARE Network.

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