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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Napa Valley Pride: Help pick our theme, vote in our poll

As I mentioned last week, we launched planning for Napa Valley Pride 2009 (to be held on the weekend of Saturday, June 20). Our next planning meeting will be on Monday, April 13 from 7-9pm at the Stonehedge Winery Tasting Room at 1004 Clinton Street in Napa (many thanks to TJ for setting this up!).

One of my tasks was to brainstorm theme ideas, making sure it evoked the following: inclusive, celebratory, pride, happy, togetherness, cheerful, summer, family, unity as a community... We also agreed as a planning group that for the theme, our biggest impact in Napa would be to not have a politically charged theme (and that our biggest political statement would be our presence and that we are an integral part of the overall community). We made note that the international Pride theme this year is “Your Rights, Our Rights, Human Rights”, and San Francisco's is "In Order to Form a More Perfect Union..." (click here for past SF themes) So much for avoiding overt politics. All that in mind, I sat down bounced some ideas around. Here's my stream of thoughts...

Napa Valley Pride 2009:
  • [One]
  • Be one
  • Celebrate Napa
  • Fabulous Napa
  • Gay. Just do it. (too Nike?)
  • What would the gays do? (WWTGD?)
  • Rainbow awareness
  • Submit. (would attract the BDSM crowd)
  • Napa goes rainbow
  • Napa|Real, Napa|Proud
  • Napa, We're OUT here (is that better than out there?)
  • We're coming out (maybe get Diana Ross on a float)
  • Napa's coming out
  • Out in the Valley
  • Grapes gone gay... (gone wild? gone sour? oh, please no grape theme...)
By the time I got to the grape stuff, things were getting a little silly. However a few stood out, and I'd like some feedback before the next planning meeting on Monday. I'll take your input, play around with the ideas some more and bring a final 3 to our next planning meeting.

Keeping in mind we wanted something INCLUSIVE, CELEBRATORY and FUN, what do you think of these:

Thoughts? Feedback? Concerns? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Better idea?


  1. For me, I'd like something along the lines of "Free To Be . . . You and Me" (apologies to Marlo Thomas - although I'm sure many an older gay fell in love with That Girl and her hot boyfriend Donald Hollenger!)

    Coming out, for me, was all about getting comfortable with who I was. It was accepting the fact, finally after decades, that I didn't make a "choice" earlier in life. I am the man that God created.

    I hope we can create events where EVERYONE - gay or straight, male or female, black, white, yellow or brown (and every shade in between) feel welcomed, loved and accepted for exactly who they are.

  2. "Equal rights" is pretty simple, but that's what we are after, and isn't as threatening as anything that singles us out. I have never liked the term "gay rights" as it sounds like someting straight people don't have. To add "now" is a bit demanding. I think "equal rights" says it all without being offensive to anyone.

  3. love the Napa Real Napa Proud :) it's not too anything..... if you know what I mean. :) Kim

  4. I like "Out in the Valley." Very fitting...

  5. Or_

    We are all out here together(?)!

    Just another thought.

  6. I'm only 16, and I wish I could help more, but I have the obvious limitations of being a just a teen. Not to mention that I haven't come out to my parents, so I can't really go to any of these things without them wondering if I'm Gay =/ Sorry guys (and girls) but my parents can't find out, they're very, very bigoted.

    BTW-- totally agree with the equal rights guy, just maybe find a prettier slogan. :)

  7. What about...

    Napa Valley Pride 2009:
    Come out and celebrate!

  8. I am a straight ally and totally support you all. I do have a Gay son and I am very sad about the comments made by anonymous. Unless you plan to never come out, your family will find out eventually. I have always supported my son. There is really nothing he could do to not have my love. Stay strong and be true to yourself and know that GOD does not make mistakes.. so, you are perfect just as you are. And realize that it is their problem not yours...

  9. @rxforme7, thanks for sharing the love and support...and words of encouragement.

    @anonymous (16 y.o.), I'm not sure if you've read any of my posts about my own personal experiences, but I come from a very religious, very conservative family and didn't come out--even to myself--until I was 27. We can only come out when the time is right. You'll know when it's right, or you'll start feeling it. Sometimes it's good to push yourself sooner, sometimes it's better to wait til you're absolutely ready, most of the time it's somewhere in between. I'd be glad to share more about me if you'd like to know...just email me.

    Not sure if these will be helpful, but here's some worthwhile (i hope) reading:

  10. anonymous. In addition to the HRC website, I also like the American Psychological Association site and the Soulforce site. You may already be more web savvy than I am, but I wanted to point those out in case you weren't aware of them. Lots of good information.

    Our teens can be very difficult years, and the information available can help you to arm yourself against those who want to punish you for being who you are. Study hard so you can support yourself when the time comes, and so you can have the inner strength to not be harmed by the forces that want to put you down.

    Another source of comfort I have found helpful is the Desiderata. One part says: "Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here."
    Take good care of yourself.