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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Napa Pride Planning: Get involved

Our first planning meeting for Napa Pride 2009 was time well spent, getting ideas out on the table and--of course--enjoying Taylor's Refresher.

The outline of events is mostly the same as we'd been talking about, if not slightly expanded for Saturday, June 20th:
  • Saturday morning community parade/march
    (more like a solidarity march of pride, less a spectacle)
  • Saturday late morning/early afternoon picnic at the park
    (focus on families, youth, kids and community)
  • Saturday early evening Twilight T-Dance at Beringer
    (not out of reach but aimed at the wine and dance crowd)
  • Saturday evening afterparty/cocktails
    (maybe at TraVigne?)
  • Sunday morning brunch
The consensus was that the entire series of Pride events is more about celebrating us as community and being inclusive, equality minded, fun and prideful.

What we're working on now:
  • Permits for parade and parks
  • A theme for the parade and picnic
  • Planning for silent auction and other fundraising for the Queen's CARE Network
  • Inclusion of more parts of our community: youth and latinos especially (we're already thinking of families but could use more input there, too)
  • Ideas and more help
Our next meeting will be held on Monday evening, April 13. If you are interested in helping out or if you have ideas, stay tuned or share them here and/or get in touch with the Napa Pride Committee organizer at

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