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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Gathering Stormclouds": new commercial, same fear and lies from religious right

I got an email in my box this afternoon from the Courage Campaign, the folks behind the tear-jerking "don't divorce us" video and the awesome yet controversial anti-Prop 8 commercial featuring Mormon Missionaries ransacking a lesbian household looking for their wedding license.

In the email the Courage Campaign was asking for a donation, of course, but this time to fund a quick response to a heinous new ad from the religious right via the "National Organization for Marriage", which features more fear-mongering and the same old scare tactics about the "rights" that religious conservatives are losing due to the advance of same-sex marriage...

Watch and be very afraid (or, like me, pissed off!), video embedded below:

The sickest part? This twisted quote from them under piles of anti-same-sex lies, "Some who advocate for same-marriage have not been content with same-sex couples living as they wish...Those advocates want to change the way I live...But we have hope: a rainbow coalition of people of every creed and color, coming together in love to protect marriage..." WTF??! How dare they steal our rainbow!

I'd say a strong and strategic response is needed quick. How dare they rain on our equality celebration for Iowa, Vermont and the many states that are next... Click through to the Courage Campaign's site to donate.

[Update: MSNBC's hardball took on the commercial and debate with Joe Solomnese from HRC and Maggie Gallagher of the NOM.
Also: HRC has a page that has the actor's audition tapes and step-by-step brings the truth to NOM's stormy day.]

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