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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What would you do? ABC's show explores 2 gay guys in a bar

The full clip is embedded on the site. ABC's show puts two actors into a bar and asks them to be obviously on a date, and later, more affectionate and then tapes how patrons respond. In a few instances they have another actor act offended and either harass or joke about the gay couple to see if it encourages the other bar patrons to join in on the taunting. Thanks to Joe.My.God. for the heads up about the show clip. As he explains in his post, "It turns out better than you think."

I wonder if this is a predictor for our Guerilla Gay Bar nights or if Napa would turn out to be different. I know I'm still not fully comfortable being out and affectionate in public when I'm out on dates with my partner in town. I've heard other stories, too about how reasonable and even welcoming some places are. But it's the other residents that most worry me with their reactions, not necessarily the businesses.

I must say that our experience on Friday's Guerilla Gay Bar at Henry's was good. I didn't hear any reactions, let alone negative ones, and we were a sizable group--over 30 people over the night.

We still have no answers to our "best place for a same-sex date in the Valley" question... Have you been out (and affectionate) around town? What's been your experience?

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