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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy gay (and L, B, T) Valentine's!

I am not a huge fan of going OUT on Valentine's, what with the higher prices of food and flowers and the tons of people and sometimes drama. My love and I usually take this time to have a romantic and more simpler stay-at-home date. I love cooking and he loves cooking with me and we just make a big, cuddly, night of it.

But this romantic season does beg the question:

Where are the best places to take a same-sex date in the Napa Valley (or nearby)?

And in addition to the best ambience and food (or whatever), where are we least likely to get stares about our queer-ness?


  1. Good question. Does anybody know? To beat you to it, don't say "go to the city".

  2. I am actually wondering about this. I myself am the Gay-Straight Alliance club President at Napa high school and wondering where could my club members go in Napa for dates that would be fun and safe. We are all under 18 so clubs, and going to the city would probably be out of our age range. So what is there in Napa for LGBT teens? Anyone have ideas?

  3. Hey WPC and Anonymous, thanks for posting comments. I've been trying to make this blog more interactive, but as you can see--with about 100 visits to the blog daily and only 2 or 3 comments a week, most are lurkers. :) And I say that with love.

    I hope more people comment on all of the items I post, and I'll look more into the restaurant question, too.