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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Same-sex kiss day April 15, at your local Starbucks

This Wednesday, April 15 will be same-sex kiss day. In the name of visibility and equality, same-sex pairs should show up at Starbucks and smooch:

Show up at a Starbucks on Tax Day at 7:15 AM, 12:15 PM, 5:15 PM, or 8:15 PM , buy a cuppa joe, then share a kiss with your sweetie, or a friend, or even a long-time crush! RAWR!

LGBT couples have yet to be granted the same rights to file our taxes jointly on a Federal level, and we can still be fired for being openly gay in the workplace. That's why you're encouraged to be seen on Tax Day, April 15, 2009, spreading your love with a KISS!

Don't have someone to kiss? Go to our Facebook page, click on "Confirmed attendees" and find someone cute in your town.
Of course the conservatives are appalled and flipping out (and here) that we'd subject the public to--yes, public displays of affection among us--but who knew that some gays would call the movement elitist for having it at Starbucks?

Either way, in Napa we have 7+ to choose from.


  1. HRC is also orgainzing tax protestes at the post office through their web site, to educate that same-sex couples pay an average of about $1000 more in taxes than their opposite-sex counterparts.
    But I'll show up at starbucks if I can kiss you!!! (just kidding. Looks like I'll still be working on my taxes at the rate I'm going. Wasting too much time over on the NVR site responding to the hopeless homophobes....)

  2. I think this is a bad idea the more I think about it. It does nothing to change negative beliefs and stereotypes, which is what is needed to convince the straight majority to grant us equal rights, and only serves to inflame and reinforce the negative stereotypes of gay people as sex obsessed, in your face radicals. The HRC tax education event actually explains why gay people should be granted equality, appealing to compassion and justice, rather than trying to provoke a negative emotional response. Are you sure this was suggested by gay people? Or is it something Tony Perkins came up with to get some more ammunition to use against us?