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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guerrilla Gay Bar (Napa Edition) coming this Friday

And the new LGBT/gay bar in Napa is...not really a (as in one single) place.

Since the Depot and it's Rainbow Room closed a few years back, the Valley has seen a dearth of LGBT exclusive places (Black Cat is a whole other animal). Since God only knows how soon we'll get our next, full-fledged, family friendly, queer bar, why not create our own?

Enter scene: Guerrilla Gay Bar. In it's own words:

Every week or so we'll pick a new local bar, pub or eatery and make it and our community fabulous with our presence.

The point? Have fun, spend time together and support the businesses in our community.

So, how do you find out about our next mission? (we are, after all, a "guerilla" organization!):
Alright . . . ready for our first mission?

Here it is: FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2009

It’s a Double Header! First, it’s a Patio Party at BarBersQ from 4 pm to 7 pm. Kelly & Stephen will be serving up all kinds of goodies, including Grilled Oysters ($1.25 each), Q Beef or Lamb Burgers ($3.00 each) and their delicious ribs for a buck a piece. BarBersQ is located in Bel-Aire Plaza at Trancas & California in Napa. Once you’ve had your fill there it’s time to move on to...

Henry’s Cocktail Lounge! From 5:30 pm to “whenever” we’ll be making this “Casual Dive” at 823 Main Street in Napa fabulous!
From conversations with the Guerrilla Gay Bar (Napa Edition)'s organizer, it looks like there are plans for a weekly (or so) casual gathering at different spots and potentially bigger bashes once a month. It'll only work if we show up...AND if we talk about what's not working so hot and what's absolutely fabulous. Share in the comments.

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