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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools: Napa City Bans Pride March through downtown

[Update: In case you didn't get it yet, we have new information on this issue.]

This isn't good.

Just in, via reliable sources with the City: the City is effectively canceling Napa's Pride 2009 parade and picnic through some legal maneuvering. Reports are that the City doesn't want to cause more bad publicity through the counter-protesting that surely will come if we have a big, ol' gay parade. They say they will work with event organizers to have our Pride picnic and parade somewhere outside of city limits, possibly at a Mare Island warehouse. If we hold it outside of town, the City will fully endorse the event, including providing City staff--and will send the glassy winged sharp shooter mascot to help with the festivities.

"This really is for the protection and support of Napa's gay residents", said the City Official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

I'll have more details soon, in the mean time, visit here.

Other ideas on what we do next?


  1. Fairgrounds? Is that county property? It could include a walk on the sidewalks through downtown. Is Kenney Park city property, or state?

  2. Man I love April Fools Day!

    You had me going until you mentioned the Mare Island warehouse!

  3. I am on the pride commite. Can we down size pride or move it to later date. Its sound to
    me I mught be wrong, but do to pop 8 issues
    the City of Napa can't take the ricks of
    protester that maybe in years past they would

  4. Wow, that sounds more like a brush off than trying to "protect" us, to me.

  5. Wow, this sounds more like a brush off than the city trying to "protect" us.

  6. You Bastard! I posted before checking the details. You got me!
    The sad thing is, it was sooooo believable I didn't even consider it could be a prank.

  7. Mare Island sounds sort of inconvenient.

    While I find the idea of the City contracting the Wine Train to carry participants to their final destination an interesting compromise, being escorted to a windowless military warehouse just doesn't feel right.

  8. Wow you even have a quote on this post, so believable! ;)