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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gay marriage ban supporters mobilizing, get off your asses

Sleeping in this Saturday?

While you were enjoying your rest, groups were gathering around the City of Napa this morning to discuss plans and to go door to door-again--in support of the ban on gay marriage.

There is also a plan by many churches to have a million signs appear in yards over the next few weeks in support of the ban against gay marriage.

The Knights of Columbus donated $1 million towards the campaign in support of the ban against gay marriage.

In spite of poll after poll after poll showing that Proposition 8 still does not have enough support to pass, now is not the time to get comfortable. Statistically, it's still a super close race and on election day, no one really knows what will happen until the votes are counted. Now is the time for us to get up and take action.

Did you know that Napa's contributions to keep same-sex marriage legal are the lowest in the State? If the election in November writes discrimination into the State's Constitution, it will probably be years before we can gain some advances again.

So, what can we do? (thanks to I.L.F. for some inspiration as well):
  • Talk to friends, family, loved ones, coworkers--come out to them if you're not and if you're ready: real relationships reduce fear of the unknown
  • Get informed about the facts: I was just talking to my mormon friend (again) and she says her church is still telling them that the State can force churches to marry same-sex couples. That's just not true and that's causing more fear and lies to be spread.
  • Ignore the polls, act on the assumption that this will be a very close race
  • Throw a fundraiser: dinner party, bake sale, car-wash, give what you can, have friends do the same and contribute to the No on 8 campaign
  • Put up a sign against proposition 8. If they're putting up a million, we should put up two million
  • Here is more on what you can do, and a link to the No on 8 website from Equality California

<span style="font-style:italic;"><span style="font-weight:bold;">Youtube commercial from Equality California embedded on blog site.</span></span>


  1. There will be a "Traditional Marriage" Town Hall at 3305 Linda Vista in Napa on Sep. 9 at 7 pm. Yes, it's here in Napa! If you want to speak up, the time is now! It will be at Cornerstone Ministry on Tuesday night.

  2. A group of young people from the Napa Mormon Church went door to door this morning on Sat on Larkin and Las Flores Streets. That area is pretty conservative already... The Mormons (sadly & ironically were single young people) were encouraging people to post signs in favor of the ban. Reports are that a 'slim' majority of neighbors are in favor of the ban and said they'd be voting YES on 8. Some wouldn't say and only a handful said no. Most didn't open their doors. Get off our asses is right!!

  3. I've found that most of my very liberal, accepting straight friends haven't even heard about prop 8. I've explained it to them, and after hearing about it they've said "Oh man, I didn't even know that something like that was going to be on the ballot, but of course I'll vote NO."

    So I think a big part of saving marriage equality will be to rally our own base, and let them know that this is an issue that's coming up. Don't assume that just because your friends are gay friendly they know about prop 8. I can almost promise you that if they're straight, they've probably never heard about it. Get the word out!

  4. I agree with Adrian about a lot of the people not being aware of Prop 8, I just confirm it with my roommates when I asked them (just now) if they knew about Prop 8, they said "what's prop 8?" So I think we have to do our due diligence and spread the word.

  5. The proposition 8 supporters are planning an onslaught of ads beginning in October, and carpeting lawns with signs. Their recent "Protect Traditional Marriage" rally here in Napa only attracted about 90 people, most of them middle-aged (there were token young women to give intros,and one who said she's a grassroots organizer)

    They CLAIM to have the biggest grassroots organizing for a ballot measure in California history. They also CLAIM that they're harassed&called bigots when they go door-to-door. Be ready to be painted as the enemy.

    At the rally,one man contrasted heterosexual marriage "union for a common good" to homosexual marriage as "private choices for their own ends." He also said equated getting a marriage certificate with getting a doctor's license,basically,letting any couple (gay or straight) is like letting ANYONE practice medicine,rendering marriage meaningless. Of course,there were the "gay marriage leads to polygamy and bestiality" arguments.

    Prop. 8 is attempting to appeal to young people with but I didn't see many of them. This "rally" I went to at Cornerstone Ministry was as lively as Marie Callender's at Sunday brunch.

  6. Thanks Anonymous for your recap of the meeting at Cornerstone Ministries. I wish that I would have gone to just see it. I wonder how many people there were gay.... :) just to see what was up.

    I only HOPE (not really) that one comes to my door. I'd like to give them a piece of my mind. I know I don't want to see any of those yard signs up in my neighborhood.

    Please keep us updated on their plans.

  7. So are you talking (or will you be?) to your neighbors about how you hope they won't post signs?

  8. Funny thing.. I have lived in the same spot for 7 years, and I only know one family around me by name. I think it's common like that in some neighborhoods unfortunately. BUT... I may write a small note that I can leave on "yes on prop 8" signs around me that say something like.... I'm one of your neighbors and I'm gay. We pass each other on the streets, watch out for the neighborhood children, etc... yada yada somthing like HEY, we gays are everywhere, we want the same things that you do... yada yada. This sign signifies to me that you dislike me in our neighborhood, and now everytime I walk past YOUR house with my family I will always know that you are against who and what I am. You are denying my family the same rights as yours. A very powerful statement for a yard sign.

    I don't know, something along that effect.

    I feel it is really important that people understand how harsh it is to deny ordinary citizens basic rights.

    It is also really important for people to see that we live just like they do. And we live right next door, we aren't some freak in the SF Pride parade... like the Napa Register commenters post.

    I don't know, it might do nothing, but it's better than nothing. Maybe someone will take their sign down. :)

    p.s. I do enjoy the sf pride parade. :)

    so.... are you talking with your neigbors?

  9. I am give a n $5 dollers to no on 8. That all that I have
    to give.