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Monday, September 22, 2008

The sprouting of Mormons as new organizers of the religious right?

Did it happen?

Today's the day that the "million signs" are supposed to sprout up in people's yards all around the state in support of writing discrimination into the Constitution via Proposition 8. Today's the day we see if our neighbors, coworkers and others have the balls to show their fear-based support of taking away the civil right of marriage from committed, same-sex partners. Meanwhile, across the state as thousands of same-sex couples get married, our friends and family have been celebrating our marriages with us and are finding out that all the scary stuff is just that: scare tactics.

Turns out, not only are they sending their young people around the streets of Napa, but the Mormon Church is the big organizer, state-wide, behind the push for Proposition 8 (also with the support of the Catholic Bishops, conservative Christian ministers, some Jewish groups and others). In talking with my Mormon friend about why the Latter Day Saints are so against gay marriage, I realized how shamefully ironic it was that the Mormons--a church once (and still, even) persecuted for their belief in plural marriages--are now the big organizers behind the "One Man, One Woman" campaign. Trying to redeem themselves? Maybe. My Mormon friend even admitted that it smacked of hypocrisy.

There is a compelling article over at the Bilerico Project by Bobby Parker on how the Mormon Church views themselves as called upon to use their church's power, finances and organizational muscle to rally thousands of pastors, parishioners and its own church members throughout the state. Parker warns us:
There is a basic tenet of Mormonism you have to understand. No one wants to sacrifice for the Lord more than 'active' Mormons do. And the ultimate in doing so is following the words of the Prophet exactly... The Church has grown until it is now the fourth largest in the US, with nearly 6,000,000 members here and 13,000,000+ around the world. Because of the emphasis on tithing, the Church coffers are filled to the brim with money that is being freely spent to improve the image of the Church throughout the world...

The Mormon Church has finally come into its own, and the galvanizing is taking place around the gay marriage amendments in California, Arizona, and Florida. California is the 'mother lode' in this because 'as goes California, so goes the nation.' We've heard that over and over, and the Mormon Church believes it, too.
The full post is worth a read. In other scary news, have you checked out the Yes on 8--for teens ( website yet? Their "facts" list only 2 statements about marriage: the rest involve HIV/AIDS, teachers getting fired and other "scary facts" about HOMOSEXUALS to mislead the reader in thinking it has to do with Proposition 8. What exactly do these people think is at stake here?

Thank God more and more Californians are realizing that fear, hate and lies are behind this proposition and are supporting the right of same-sex couples to get married.

In the meantime before the election, be on the lookout for friends and neighbors with Yes on 8 signs and be sure to introduce yourself. Maybe they, too, will see we are real people even when we get married.

See any Yes on 8 signs around your 'hood?


  1. It's sad when organizations/government use scare tactics to persuade people! Thanks for the website, I see they made sure to BOLD their letters to make their point.

    No one has the right to defined what is love and happiness for us. No one has the right to deny us from the same privilege the common folk has.

    Btw, I haven't seen any Yes on 8 signs in my hood. I guess that's a good sign :)

  2. I haven't seen ANY "Protect Traditional Marriage" signs in Napa. At all. There used to be "No on 8" sign on Jefferson,but it seems to disappear (in contrast to the Obama sign belonging to the same resident)

    According to the Mormons, Sep. 22 is the day Joseph Smith and his then-sole wife Emma dug up Moroni's golden plates.

    When I went to the "Protect Traditional Marriage" rally at Cornerstone Ministry,the Mormon rep claimed his church has "one,undeviating standard of sexual morality." No matter that for Joseph Smith,marriage was more than "one man,one woman" but "one man,MANY women." Or that he married a mother and her daughter,as well as pairs of sisters.

  3. We haven't seen any signs because they are on a barge on their way to the usofa from CHINA! seriously... google it!

  4. The "Protect Traditional Marriage" signs won't be posted until the next 2-3 weeks. Maybe they'll be held up for lead paint.

    The "No on 8" signs were made here in the USA.

    Why did the "we love traditional marriage" outsource to China? Can ANYONE explain that?