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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good times (and hopes for more) for gays in the North Bay

In order to maintain any credibility, I work to write as fair of opinion as possible--whether positive or not--about local gay happenings. I can't say something's amazing if it isn't, otherwise my "reviews" won't hold up. However, I don't want to come across as overly negative, and I'm afraid that my first post on Discovery Kingdom's Out in the Park sounded that way.

I'm pretty much of the opinion--especially in Napa and the North Bay, where not too much good gay stuff is happening--that most events welcoming the gays are good for the community. Something is much better than nothing.

The end of the story yesterday is that I had a great time. Yes, I was disappointed that more people didn't' show up to take advantage of yesterday's celebration, but my write-up of the post really was a hope (and suggestions) for even better in the year's ahead.

I give my props again to the organizers and hope that everyone who went yesterday had a great time and will spread the word so that more good stuff can happen for the LGBT community and our allies in Napa and nearby.

Any pictures of the events? Share them with us!

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