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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Napa's Guerilla Gay Bar turns 1: Happy b-day Guerilla Gays!

napaIt's so hard to believe that Napa's Guerilla Gay Bar is just now turning one (who knows, maybe that's like 22 in gay-blog years?).
Today, March 20th, marks their first mission: to Henry's cocktail lounge and then the bonus yummyness at BarbersQ.

They started with a bold, yet simple-enough mission:
There are no “gay” bars in the Napa Valley. Our mission is to turn selected bars, restaurants, pubs and other facilities “gay for a day”.
...and in the last year have mightily upheld that and even fleshed it out a bit. In just one year, who knew we'd have had 18 fabulous missions to bring together local gays and allies with wine and dive bars and food, pool parties, jazz lounges, airport restaurants, bowling and more!

Congratulations to Napa's Guerilla Gay Bar, and Mission Commander, Rick for bringing such great events, venues and groups of people together. Napa truly wouldn't be the same--or as fun--without you.

The Valley's Other Fruit is glad that you were born!

Click here to visit the Napa Guerilla Gay Bar blog and see their full list of missions/maneuvers and more! They also have a Twitter and Facebook account, so don't say you don't know how to find them. Subscribe and attend the events, cuz Napa wouldn't be quite as gay, and the Guerilla Gay Bar won't be quite as successful without you.

Here's to many more years! Share your congratulations, memories, experiences and favorites from their missions in the comments.

PS - Of course the Napa Guerilla Gay Bar has an upcoming mission: Coin-flip breakfast @ Compadres Rio Grill (Napa), Sat, Mar 27, 9a-11a

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