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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday's health care reform vote: info, details, play-by-play; It's gonna be a close one!

[Update, 7:55p, Sun, Mar 21: Health Care Reform passed in a vote of 219-212 with (of course) not a single Republican to thank.]

Well, Sunday's (March 21) the day. It's happening NOW. The watered-down, better-than-nothing health care reform is going up for a vote. 216 is the magic number. What does this all mean? Well that's way out of the full scope of this blog, but I did want to offer some helpful info for those that are following or want to follow what's going on.
Please, share other useful links, explanations, commentary and infographics in the comments.

Better late than never, here's live video of the final vote, underway, embedded on the site:

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