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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fernando & Greg are back! ...on a podcast

[Update, Nov 6, 2009: F & G have since returned to the air, broadcasting on Movin' 99.7 FM in the SF Bay Area and online. Go here for details.]

A few days ago on their facebook page, Fernando and Greg teased us with the following, " Listen to Fernando and Greg beginning next week...find out where very soon!" and so I waited. I think lots of us in the Bay Area waited anxiously to find out which radio station had scooped up our precious Fernando and Greg.

Well, the announcement came today: "The Fernando and Greg Show is now podcasting at Listen online or download Stitcher for your smart phone."

Sure, less than the major announcement many were hoping for, but really, did y'all think that Energy bought out KMEL or something?

Their first podast is a welcome 35 minute treat, talks about where the show left off and why they didn't tell us before they went off the air, and includes beloved producer Jason as well. Of course, the boys are all over the place in their story telling and banter, but wasn't all that our favorite part anyways?

You can listen on the web, on your iPhone, Blackberry or Palm Pre.

Whatdya think of the podcast? Where do you get your F&G or Energy fix now that they're off commercial radio? What's your favorite morning replacement?

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