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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CA Gov slashes HIV/AIDS funding attempting to fix budget; thousands affected

This just in via late-night Joe.My.God. What activists had feared (and what I posted about on Friday) has happened:
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation laments: "Today’s cuts to HIV/AIDS programs include: an 80% reduction in funding for Education & Prevention, a 70% cut in HIV Counseling and Testing, a 50% cut for Early Intervention (that provides primary medical care), a 100% cut in Therapeutic Monitoring Program (the program that monitors the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS drugs administered through the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program), a 20% cut in Housing and more than a 50% cut in funding for Home and Community-Based Care."
Even more of a reason to get involved and donate time and energy to the Napa Valley AIDS Walk and other similar health fundraisers.

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