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Friday, July 24, 2009

CA Gov may cut HIV/AIDS funding: take action TODAY

Urgent health/political news via the tipline:
“EQCA has learned that the Governor may use his line-item veto power to cut funding for essential HIV/AIDS health services. If he does, thousands of people will be left without the care their lives depend on.

Call the Governor at (916) 445-2841 and also e-mail him using EQCA’s Action Center. Tell him not to ‘blue pencil’ any funds that would support state HIV/AIDS programs.

Last night, the Senate passed a budget that makes relatively modest reductions to HIV/AIDS programs rather than the draconian cuts that were proposed by the Governor in May. The Assembly is expected to so the same this morning. It was your advocacy that has helped legislative leaders to fend off the Governor’s dangerous proposals so far.

But the fight is not over. More than $80 million in cuts to essential HIV counseling, testing, education and monitoring programs for people living with HIV/AIDS are on the line.

Act right now or it may be too late!”
See also for more good info and action steps to pass along.

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