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Friday, May 1, 2009

Reminder: Napa Guerrilla Gay Bar tonight in Yountville, May 1

May day! May day!

In case you missed our first announcement, tonight's edition of Napa Guerrilla Gay Bar will be held at Pancha's in Yountville. Click through for more details.

Remember to wear red so we know you're one of us.

So, Who's going?

[Side note: Ooopsy! Apparently somebody read the original post on Guerrilla Gay Bar's blog and was offended at a not-so-kind comment included about the bartender at Pancha's. I checked in with the Guerrilla Gay Bar's organizer and confirmed that indeed, it was a typo. The snippet in question was mixed in with a section of reviews copied and pasted for the original post on their site, intended to give a down-home flavor of what we can expect for tonight. Truthfully, the reason Pancha's was chosen for tonight was because we've heard positive things and it seems it's a must to experience this Napa Valley institution. He promises next time to copy, paste and link extra carefully so as to avoid any similar confusions.]

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