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Friday, May 8, 2009

2Cents: On redefining marriage

Why don't people get it?

We are not trying to redefine marriage we're trying to expand its current, restrictive definition.

We are not trying to eliminate mothers and fathers from families that have both, we are saying that other committed couples are good for children and society, too.

We are not trying to push our agenda on others, we are fighting for recognition and equality.

Our right to marriage and families takes away nothing from yours.

We are not forcing anyone to believe anything other than what our founding fathers declared and many have died for: that we are all created equal and worthy of certain unalienable rights--namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


  1. equalnotspecialMay 8, 2009 at 1:32 PM

    I share your frustration, and agree with all you are saying. But to answer your question, part of why they don't get it is because some of them rely on religious leaders to tell them what to think and believe instead of using their own minds and experience. But another part of why, is that many of us don't tell them. While the net allows us to communicate, it also allows us to separate into our own groups, which has some moral support value, but doesn't do anything to convince those who don't see it through our experience. And I'm not suggesting the net is the only way to go. We need to use all of our tools to change minds. It has been a long struggle which has been going on since long before I was born, and, I'm afraid will still be going on for a long, long time. Some will never change their minds, but many have changed, which suggests many more can and will, if persuaded. But it can be exhausting, and I can certainly relate to not wanting to expend the energy required to change those minds. I think I've reached my limit for today on the NVR site and have other things that need to be done. But we can't give up, and again, we are making progress. Hang in there.

  2. (Heck, this anonymous poster just lost 2/3 of the writing & I've other things to get to today so am leaving the ending).

    I agree, people must "communicate".

    Some claim that they are trying to block civil unions or marriages, because it is wrong.
    Some just have not connected the dots.
    Does it feel wrong to them?
    Why does it feel wrong to them?
    Could it be because it is wrong for them?

    So, someone needs to keep level-headed-ly explaining that being GLBT is within the range of norm; that marriage is an equal rights issue, and that it probably is wrong for straights to marry gays; equalnotspecial, you are doing a fine job but I certainly believe that there are others that could/should post (more, then the half-dozen that are already writing).

  3. Have visitors remembered to vote at the NVR on-line poll?

    Perhaps that is something to twitter about.