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Friday, May 1, 2009

Black Cat Napa changes its tone, "Philanthropic social club for gay men"?

I still have never been to the Black Cat (in Napa), so what I know is only from juicy rumors, hearsay and reliable story telling... (I previously covered the Black Cat in July and September of 2008)

In spite of conflicting reports about the Black Cat being closed since the police showed up in early April, a fan of theirs (maybe a promoter?), via our tipline tells me they, indeed, are still open. Some recent guests say--as in times past--each weekend is different: some nights it's hoppin', others nights not so much. And the age of the crowd varies as well.

Either way, it looks like sometime in April the Black Cat changed their promotional tone on their official website to be a little bit more vague and a little bit more community friendly.

We now get:

Men Only / Donations Accepted

These Meetings and Private Parties Are Not Open To The Public And Are For Members Only

All Proceeds Go To Local Charities
(Instead of the previous: "You're invited to join us & explore your exhibitionist & voyeurism fantasies! ... We offer a clothes check, hot guys, porn, and VIP Lounge")

Anyone been to the Black Cat in Napa lately? Any changes to the actual party on Fridays and Saturdays?

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