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Monday, September 8, 2008

Black Cat Club still private, not so secret

[Update, Nov 18, 2009: Black Cat has closed.]

[Also, a note of interest: since I first posted about the Black Cat on July 11 2008, more than 50 visitors have come to the site searching Google for information specifically about the Black Cat Club. I am pleased to be able to offer more information now.]

Maybe I'm just not as great of an investigator as I thought I was, but I just today stumbled upon a web page for the Black Cat here in Napa, which I've written about before, but had few, precious details (other than some stories by friends who have gone).

I had previously not outed the club because of it's private nature, but now that they have a public web page, I figure they're looking to be more open. And the Black Cat's webpage is full of a lot more juicy details about this weekly gay (sorry, ladies) fiesta (although it is just a single, static page):

You're invited to join us & explore your exhibitionist & voyeurism fantasies!

Every Friday & Saturday, Nights!
1746 Yajome St.
Napa 94559
Doors open @ 9:30pm
Limited number of guests

All guests must be 18 or older with valid I.D. 30 bucks entry fee:
The "CLUB BLACK CAT," the North Bay's newest and hottest weekly private party.
We offer a clothes check, hot guys, porn, and VIP Lounge.

We will keep you involved with all upcoming events.

Our Venue also available for your Private Parties.

Bring a date, swap a date, or find a date! Male Bi curious, straight … we love it!

I'm not sure who's ultimately responsible for the parties or the page (although the page was registered by NapaNet, the address listed is Michael Holmes Designs).

They also have a MySpace page that has slightly different information, informing potential guests that it's $15 (not sure why it's listed as cheaper there) and to get an invite you can message them on myspace.

I'm still waiting for some more first hand accounts from people who've gone and wish to dish (use the comments section or our tipline, both can be anonymous).

Also, ladies, is there anything similar for the women who love women?

Additionally, I'm a mix of feelings about the Black Cat. I'm excited because we all know there isn't much that's gay to do around here or where to meet other queer folk, so hooray for more options! I'm intrigued that a party like this is happening here in Napa (private gay club and drag shows in the town I grew up in??). I know "beggars can't be choosers", but it'd be awesome, too, to have a place that wasn't about alcohol or hooking up. You know, leave some stereotypes by the wayside, right? Maybe I'll check it out before I make my final call. Your thoughts?


  1. I agree--on both counts. 1) Having grown up here I am amazed to learn that parties like this take place and 2) It would be great to have another place for everyone to hang out.

    And nope--I haven't heard of anything like this for the ladies.

  2. New commenter KD? Welcome! Add us on Myspace (if you have it)--I love to get to know my fellow queer (and queer friendly) Napans.

  3. I have drove from Santa Rosa to come out to one of these parties... and they protray this party as a private party at a bar. Once arriving to this super exclusive event, I was surprised that I was at a flower shop. I then walked in to a door guy in a speedo telling me that it cost $30 to get in if I wanted to drink... I was very confused as what was going on, so I asked to walk in and see what this was all about... turning the corner there was a 90 year old naked man bartending with 70's porn playing on a huge tv behind him, while to the right there was a HUGE round table with young boys, which I was told one of them was 16. Seemed like a very sketchy party, which as I was leaving the and I use this term lightly "promoter" came up to me and told me that he would let me and the other 5 people I brought in for $20 and two drinks each... Trust me I WILL NEVER go back there, and will tell everyone to stray far away from it... not to mention that it is located right across the street from an elemntary school... Good luck to them in the future... and an FYI you might want to card your patrons... not sure 16 year old should be around old men, orgies, and booze... hummmm

  4. Wow, is there a reason someone would make the effort to remain "Anonymous" i mean really if you were so concerned that this place is bad, why not let people contact you and ask more questions?

    And yeah it is $30 to get in, and if you think about it, what is the cost for you to get into a normal club, total the amounts of Cover, Parking, Drinks. I am sure that it will be way over $30 so yeah good point there. Btw all money is donated to charity.

    Also lets see, um 16 y/o right, like a bunch of guys are going to risk letting a boy come in of that age? Did you ask him for his ID or take some random peoples word for it? cause i see young boys go there and if they look under age they are carded, And 90 years old working the bar? really funny you mention that cause idk i am out there every weekend and guess what NEVER SEEN A 90 YEAR OLD THERE!!! Not even to work the bar.

    And lead the revolt! Lead the revolution from a place, you didn't fit in, i mean really if you were so against this place, why not get the facts straight? Stop exaggerating, i mean if you want attention, tie a steak around your neck and the dog will play with you..

    I am there, i love it there, in fact i DRIVE 2hrs to get there, Different Strokes for Different Folks. So get the facts straight before you start telling people why they shouldn't go, because every night i go there is always 10-20 people who are there so i guess something good must be going on right!?

    Oh and yeah there is a school near the business, and a chucrh and a 7-11 so whats your point? are there students there in session at um idk 9:30pm at night? No, stop being a drama queen and let people figure out what they like and dislike on their own.

    Unlike you, i welcome people to ask me for more information.

  5. I went to the black cat with a couple friends about at month ago and it was an interesting/fun experience. There were about 15-20 people. We payed a $20 fee which included 3 drinks, not to mention we got quite a few free shots. They did have the porn going and a private lounge so if thats not your scene then i wouldnt recomend it. But if you want to have fun having a couple drinks, meeting new people, & maybe should head to the black cat..