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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Police at the Black Cat

Over the weekend I got some email rumors about supposed police raids at Napa's Black Cat on Friday night, but I waited until they were confirmed before I posted anything about them. It immediately called to mind the scenes of police raiding the gay bars pre-stonewall, and I don't want to freak people out unnecessarily.

Well today, it was confirmed (and I got more rumors as well via the tipline):

Police did show up late Friday night, not in full uniforms but "with guns and vests" and searched around, asked about drugs and then left. As far as I've been told, no arrests were made on site and after the police I.D.'d, questioned people and left, patrons were given the option of staying or leaving. The general feeling is that the search was much more about drugs than underage drinking and not at all about the gayness of the parties or participants. (Even the naked bartender was left unscathed.)

Not sure what this means for future Black Cat private parties... (or as my friend asked, "does this mean the Black Cat has been declawed?")

Anyone else there Friday night or know if the Black Cat nights plan to continue?


  1. The Black Cat still has claws aplenty! The police say "drugs", but what else could they say? It was a drug raid without evidence... yeah right. Leave us be, Napa P.D.

  2. I noticed that the Black Cat website has changed a bit. It now says:

    Donations Accepted
    These Meetings and Private Parties Are Not Open To The Public And Are For Members Only

    All Proceeds Go To Local Charities"

    That's a huge change from your original post:

    Sounds to me like they're proactively dealing with potential legal issues.