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Saturday, April 4, 2009

New ideas; Napa Westboro counter-protests canceled

Supposedly, the Westboro crazies that we mentioned last night are still coming to Napa and Angwin. However, our plans of counter-protest have been canceled for two reasons (I've already mentioned them in our original post, but wanted to make sure and get your attention so everyone knows what's up.):
  • we want to respect the mourners at the memorial
  • we don't want to bring more media attention or more people to witness the spectacle of the Westboro gang's hate and give them what they want: attention
Here's what I'm suggesting instead:
If the Napa Unity League can get together a letter that proclaim's Napa's support of the mourning family, and of love and equality in our community and get a coalition of progressive groups to sign on in support (not just gay groups), we can send that to the media, also stating that we are not taking the Westboro group serious enough to stage a counter-protest nor are we going to bring them more attention.

For those that absolutely don't want to leave their protest unchecked, how about we show up at St. John's and stage a silent, peaceful vigil of prayer and good will. No signs, no politics, just positive presence.

This whole idea will also fit in with our long-term work in this community of building relationships of trust, love and justice.
A trusted and wise friend of mine said that it is important and more impactful that all our work not be "against" something but about what we do stand for. Very positive, very thoughtful and about community, love and equality.

1 comment:

  1. okay, so I'll be around the area. I think a positive, peaceful vigil would be a good counter to what every they maybe doing. Who will be going? who shall lead it?