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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Westboro a no-show in Napa?

At 6pm in front of St. John the Baptist Church in Napa, the Westboro Baptist hate-filled crazies were a no show. Same as 6:15pm. A very small group of us gathered to see if anything would turn up, so that we could be able to at least not leave their protest unchecked--even if we were just gathering in silence and prayer to stand for love, equality and respect. But it turned out to be a non-event.

Some church staff commented that they heard the City had revoked the permits for the protest because the Westboro Baptist Church's propaganda had hate all over it. We'll see if more details surface.

[Update, 12:17am: No mention of them in the Register coverage of the Angwin memorial, although a commenter said they saw them.
Update, 3:39pm: From a student at PUC, "According to one of my professors: "The five protesters' flight into Oakland was apparently delayed so they got there about an hour late after everyone was inside for the memorial service. Some of my students and I stood around and made snarky comments and then they just up and packed off after an hour. The service was still going. Apparently they didn't do their research about how long Adventist meetings last."]

Any other reports from their planned showing in Angwin or Napa?


  1. My friend Alix and I went up to Angwin to see what was going on but they never showed up to that one. Figured the same would happen in Napa and looks like I wasn't let down. I'm glad they didn't show, let them keep their hate to themselves and choke on it.

  2. Let me clear the air here.

    There were Five of them with signs in front of St. Johns school on main.

    Me and my friends walked down the street and we got quite a big group with us. They left shortly after.