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Friday, January 2, 2009

Found it on The Fruit, searched for it on the net

It's a slow New Year's Day, I'm watching the Hangover movie marathon on Comedy Central and I thought I'd dig through The Fruit's stats (powered by Google's analytics, of course) to see what they might tell us about our visitors and our content.

So what have people been searching for when they find us? Thousands type us in and come to us directly. Hundreds Google their way to us. Here's the top 10 search terms that people typed in to Google (or other search engines) before they clicked through to us:
  1. The Valley's Other Fruit
    Makes sense. People searched for us and found us...
  2. Prop 8 Napa
    Most visits to us were for information specific to Napa's Prop 8 activity, not just general news. Popularity for this search peaked right around the election.
  3. Black Cat Club
    Napa's underground boy party continues to bring in searches and clicks. They have a myspace and webpage, but not much information other than cover charge and "no women allowed". I wonder how their New Year's Eve party went?
  4. Out in the Park: Six Flags Vallejo
    Discovery Kingdom held a gay-day in September, but didn't do so great of a job promoting it (or hosting it: as you can read in our write up). The Valleys' Other Fruit is still number one in the search rankings when looking for info.
  5. Milk
    The film never came to Napa but many came to us to find out where it would be playing.
  6. Free stuff for voting
    Just for fun, we posted about the give-aways that businesses held to encourage voters.
  7. H8WallofShame
    Right after the Napa Register wrote a cover-story about the H8WallofShame, searches brought people to us for the info.
  8. Gay Napa
    Since we launched, The Valley's Other Fruit has been working on building community and connection among Napa's fairly invisible LGBT community. I've been trying to figure out how to move up The Fruit's ranking on this search. Outdated "gay club" maps (of non-existent gay clubs in the Valley) and a six-year old article about gay travel in Napa Valley by Out Traveler beat us out.
  9. Unity League
    Napa's Unity League is a group committed to social-justice and building visibility and connection for the Valley's LGBT community. They host the Napa AIDS Walk and the big Oscar Party, both fundraisers for the Queen of the Valley's HIV/AIDS outreach, CARE Network.
  10. Beyonce
    Many are searching for a good clip of Justin Timberlake shaking his thang with Beyonce in SNL's take on "All the Single Ladies". It's hilarious--but it's also copyrighted and keeps getting pulled from all the video hosting sights. We've found it 4 times, only to have the file get pulled each time.
Since we launched in April, we've had:
  • 15,050 page views,
  • during 7,419 visits
  • by 3,149 unique visitors
There are now currently 60 ongoing subscribers to The Valley's Other Fruit, mostly through email subscription (although more than a handful have discovered how cool it is to subscribe through RSS).

Some use the "labels" in the sidebar to find businesses and upcoming events that they might miss in our daily posts. The most clicked on?

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  1. Happy New Years NVOF! Even though I am not a Napa resident, I got most of my Prop8 news I got from your blog. I am sure your BREAKING NEWS and your interesting blogs will bring more visitors on 2009.