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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live election results map: prop 8, by county

Thank God Obama is our President. I need some hope, somewhere.

As of 7:37 AM, with most election results in: Napa votedNO on Prop 8, 45% yes to 55% no. Statewide it still doesn't look good, 52% yes, 48% no. It looks like only 400,000 votes are separating the yes from the no.

Thank you, Napa and ALL of the people who voted NO. Either way it goes, the battle for love, respect and tolerance is not over.

Interesting commentary via exit polling about the trends of voting yes and no:
Exit polls had the race a virtual tie. Parents, churchgoers and voters who never attended college said they voted for the gay marriage ban, while college-educated and nonreligious voters opposed it. [NVR]
Go here for the LA times updated graphic with streaming updates on Prop 8 results:,0,1293859.htmlstory?view=8&tab=0&fnum=0

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