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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What is your reaction to Prop 8's passing?

Semi-final results from

With 96 percent of the vote counted, Prop. 8 was winning by a decisive 400,000-vote margin, 52.2 percent to 47.8 percent. It piled up huge margins in the Central Valley and carried some Democratic strongholds such as Los Angeles County. The measure lost in every Bay Area county but Solano.

As the vote counting continued this morning, opponents of Prop. 8 filed a lawsuit directly with the state Supreme Court - whose May 15 ruling legalized same-sex marriage - asking the justices to overturn the measure.

Your thoughts? Feelings? Reactions?

I will definitely be sharing soon. I'm too exhausted from a late night and early morning, and my nerves are shot.


  1. I feel terrible I can't believe that this happens in America. This is suppoused to be a free country why is it that some people can take rights away from others?? like us gay people. We all must have the same rights as straight people. I'm so deeply disappointed.

  2. We all know that this is unconstitutional, it is stripping rights, and creating an enviroment that is automatically unequal. My question to you right now is: What can I do? Are there any more steps I can take to fight? Letter writing? What are the next steps for this fight?

  3. Remember Prohibition,the amendment added to the US Constitution to ban alcoholic beverages? (A number of wineries here in the Valley went down the tubes on account of it) It eventually fell,and FDR repealed it.

    Obama promised that he'd repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. There is time for the tide to turn.