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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

California teachers donate $1 million to No on 8

photo by _Dano

Better thank your teachers: Just in on the news wire, the California Teacher's Association (the state's largest teacher's union) donated 1 million dollars today--in addition to $250k they donated in August--to the No on 8 campaign, in support of keeping same-sex marriage legal.
Union spokeswoman Sandra Jackson says CTA's 800-member policy body voted overwhelmingly to oppose the gay marriage ban. Jackson says the issue concerns educators because "teachers teach the importance of equal rights for all."

She says CTA leaders made the second contribution this week because the No campaign seems to be struggling. [CBS5]
Guess we should start sending in apples? Donate.


  1. Amazing! I've got so many things to than my California teachers for, but I can definitely add this to the list! I was also inspired to donate again today, I hope others do as well!

  2. Totally Amazing!! I am glad to hear the teachers are strong supporters for No on 8. LETS SEND THE MESSAGE!