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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Yes on 8 rally (and counter protest) this Sat @ Napa High

(Click to make the flyer bigger!)

[Update: it seems like we're getting more than a handful of visits to The Fruit by people searching for the Yes on 8 rally. If you are here searching for information on YES on 8 in Napa, welcome to our page. I truly hope that through real and loving relationships with gay people that you come to know that we're more alike than it may seem...and that love and commitment between couples is something that we're all worthy of. Additionally, check out these videos (especially the one with Molly Ringwold!). I promise, they're fun.]

From the tipline:
Have you heard about the rally that is being held by the LDS (Mormons) at Napa High on Saturday for Yes on 8? There will be a counter-rally held at the same time and place to counter the lies. The organizer is Carol Whichard. I've attached the flyer she is sending out. Could you post this information. The LGBT community needs to show up in strength and unity to send the right message. Thanks.
Anyone hear anything else about either the No or Yes on 8 rally activities at Napa High this weekend? I have not confirmed that LDS chuch members or groups are really behind the rally, but it wouldn't be surprising with all the organization, money and other leadership and support they've put in already across the state towards their goal of eliminating the right of same-sex couples to a civil marriage.


  1. I'm a CHRISTIAN and I'm voting NO on 8.


    Because it seems that all the funding has come from false Christian groups like ROMAN CATHOLICS and "MORMONS" both of whom are idolaters (worshiping Men, Mary, beads, little statues of saints, etc).

    IDOLATRY is a worse sin. Voting yes on 8 supports idolatry.

    (Fight the War On Savings

  2. It's a bit late to hire the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence or having a casting call for Joseph Smith&Brigham Young's wives. The logistics of getting 60+ pioneer outfits at the last minute would be a major undertaking.

    The Mormons don't believe in "one man,one woman" marriage. Joseph Smith didn't practice it (he married two pairs of sisters,as well as a mother/daughter pair),neither did his successor Brigham Young. They believe in polygamy in the afterlife,and that polygamy will be restored with the Millennium.

    Good luck on the protest!