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Friday, August 22, 2008

This comment brought to you by...

For those of the readers who have been (or been trying to) comment on The Fruit, you may have noticed that you have options when leaving your autograph (signing your comment). A reader emailed in to ask what those options meant...

Here's the down-and-dirty for you so you can be identified as you wish:
  • The first six options are sign ins (and passwords) from other websites: use your Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, OpenID or other sign in (including maybe a link to your profile back there). This is in case you need/want to "prove" who you are... (they'll know it's you for sure because you *had to* sign in.

  • The bottom ones are more "creative", using Name/URL, it just lets you make up whatever you want it to say without any password. You could say you are President Reagan or Micky Mouse or Xena or whomever and include (or not) a website to link back to

  • Anonymous is the option where it is exactly as it says: no name, no link, nothing, just "Anonymous"
Whomever you are commenting as, comment! Lest we remind you, lurkers can be creepy after a while...

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