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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A penny for your thoughts

Sadly, I guess its sort of commonly known among bloggers that 99% of readers are what is referred to as lurkers. They read (and enjoy to their little heart's content) but don't comment. I'll admit it, I have lurked, too in a lot of the blogs I read...but The Valley's Other Fruit isn't just about recipes or trivia or tech news...we're about finding and connecting with the gay community in Napa and nearby. And the authors (that's us!) are locals who live, work and play in and around Napa. So that means that REALLY, the percentage should be reversed: 99% of The Fruit's readers should be commenting and clicking and enjoying, and just 1% should be lurking. I guess we all come out at our own time. Here's to hoping that your time is now:

How to comment on a blog
You probably can tell by now that a blog is basically a web diary (or web "log", get it?). Each entry is called a "post" and each post has comments attached to it at the bottom:

click image to enlarge

The link to the comments section might say, "0 comments" (or "1", "2", "16 comments") or "Post a Comment" depending on how you are looking at the post. (If your can't tell, click the Headline or Title of the Post which will then take you to a page where the comments should be right at the end of the post.) Click there to open up the form to post your comment. Then, it's simple:
  1. You type in what you want to say in the bigger empty box
  2. You type in the code letters so that we know you are indeed a living human
  3. You choose how you want to identify yourself (use your log in? make up a cool name that you've always wanted? post anonymously?)
  4. Often blog authors moderate comments which means that they get sent to the author to make sure they aren't hate-filled, and then they get posted!

click image to enlarge

If the post author asks a question, it's a great idea to add your answer as a comment!
Get other people talking, tell us what you think. Reply to a comment that someone else left! The point is to get you more involved.

If you're just looking to see what people have been talking about lately, in the sidebar of each page is a "Recent Comments" section where you can see who and what people have been talking about. Click on through and join in the commenting.

Don't just read about
The Valley's Other Fruit, fruit it up with us, join in and comment! (And, just because a friend asked: EVERYONE is welcome to comment, not just the gays. As if that would stop you.) Feel free to share the comment love, starting right here, with this post!

"lurker" photo by dhammza


  1. Keep up the good work! We are reading and enjoying your posts!
    One suggestion, have you met up with the "Unity League" folks? They are a very nice organization in Napa.

  2. I have been reading your blog every day and am really enjoying it. I have wanted to make some comments but cannot understand how to do this. On this blog you mention that the comment list would be at the bottom of the page. It does not come up on my page.

    *Email This *View CC License *Add This!

    this is a copy of what is at the bottom of your site ....the word comment is not there...maybe that is why your not getting any comments. I work days from my house and am chatty and full of coffee

    I agree with a lot of the things that you mention. As a gay man...with a new business...I feel disconnected from the gay community. Attempt to contact unity league with no replies ..etc...your the gayest thing here...

    keep up the good work..

  3. If you are reading via email subscription or feed (instead of direct of the site) then you need to click through the post to the actual web page to view the comments.

    Thank you for the GREAT feedback, it's very exciting to get comments... and very motivating. THIS is why I started the blog. :) So know that you put a smile on my face.

    I'd love to know more about your business, if you care to share.

  4. Lurker no more. Really enjoying the blog!