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Thursday, August 21, 2008

At least one of 'em stuck with us

image by berbercarpet

Way back when this blog started I went around town (and some friends helped) and we asked kind businesses (or asked our buddies who worked there) to post up cards to help us get the word out about The Valley's Other Fruit. Luckily, more than a handful of businesses agreed and we got our cards up at the college at coffee shops and some other gay friendly places.

As far as I know, only The Smoking Cat.Cafe (now Cafe Revolution) has kept our little flyer up. Even after their makeover (you should go check it out!), so I know they're showing us some love... they pulled down all the announcements and ours was one of a few that is still up.

Please show them some love right back and give them your business. (Also, let them know that you read about them on this blog!) Napa screwed them over with regulations and pretty much made them shut down in the early evening instead of allowing them to realize their vision.

Cafe Revolution is on the corner of Main and Napa Streets in downtown Napa (just North of St. John's School). They serve coffee, deli sandwiches, smoothies and more, are reasonably priced and taste great. Also they sometimes play Saturday Morning cartoons! Cafe Revolution is not a "gay cafe" but is for sure gay friendly and supportive of the community. It's only right that we support them back.

Seen any other rainbows or Valley's Other Fruit flyers around town? Let us know who's down, and we'll thank them generously.

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