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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Over the Hills and Through the Woods: gay Sonoma County nightlife

Been getting some tips about where the gay nights are at bars around the North Bay, and so I thought I'd post them for you to check out instead of waiting for our full reviews. As far as I know, there aren't any specific "gay nights" at Napa Bars except for at Napa Billiards (which we covered last weekend). Sad, but true, we have to travel over the hills to Sonoma County to find any gay-bars with enough "guts" to hoist up the rainbow flag and welcome us. (Vallejo also has some gaity going on. And here.)

Keep in mind, though, readers, that Napa already has a DUI rate twice that of the State's average, so please designate a driver. Safety aside, you don't want to get published in the Napa Register, do you?

Here's what I've heard through the tipline, in order from closest to farthest:

Petaluma (26 miles from Napa, 44 mins):

Cotati (33 mfn, 48 mins):
Santa Rosa (41 mfn, 56 mins):
Have any of you been to these bars/nights? We'd love your take. Look forward to full reviews from us as well...

[Note: we know the Sonoma County, City of Guerneville is a sort of Castro-in-the-North-Bay kind of town, but it's kind of far for "a night on the town" (59 miles and a 1.5 our drive). We'd be glad to cover day trips to Guerneville for Summer...any suggestions on what's gay that's also not-to-miss?]

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