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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Out on the scene: All are welcome at Townhouse Cocktail Lounge

After receiving several messages on the tipline that we should check out the scene at Townhouse Lounge in Vallejo, we did. A small group of us went together on a recent Friday night and were quickly greeted by an outgoing and friendly bartender who's specialties included a "sour-apple jack" (we're guessing Sour Apple Pucker, J.D, and ?) and a drink simply known as "the gay" (of course: it was pink, fruity, and the life of the party). While Townhouse doesn't bill itself as a "gay bar" it's definitely a bar where all the gays are welcome (according to their posted philosophy: "wear your sexuality or personal identity proudly and publicly - but keep your genitals in your trowsers"). On a side note, a straight friend of The Other Fruit was glad that soft-core was not playing on the bar's TVs as had been her awkward experience at another gay-friendly bar.

When you walk in, the large, comfortable, wooden bar takes up most of the first room and stretches almost all the way back. They did leave room for a few tables and an ATM in the back (which is good because Townhouse is cash only in spite of their VISA sign), all of which are located under the glowing light of a flat screen, which on Friday night was playing the Miss America Pageant. Not to be too gay, however, John Stossel of 20/20 was competing (silently) on a smaller screen on the opposite side of the room. Mixed crowd indeed! (well, unless it's just cuz some of the gays in Vallejo have a thing for Tom Sellec looking news guys) Midways down the bar, a door to the left opens into another room (not much bigger) that appears to have a couple video games, a stage and a piano. While the Townhouse was fairly tame the Friday night we stopped by, apparently they have quite the events on Saturdays:
  • 1st Sat: Leona's Cabaret, 9:30pm, $5 cover
  • 2nd Sat: Comedy Night (uncertain on the details)
  • 3rd Sat: Drag Show feat. Hollotta Tymes, 9:30pm, $5 cover
  • 4th Sat: ?
  • ...and God knows what debauchery ensues when there's a 5th Saturday in the month
  • full calendar on their Myspace
The night we went was mild but very friendly and welcoming. If you're looking to remain anonymous, go prepared with a fake name because the Townhouse isn't as dimly lit as some other bars we've been in and the other patrons are friendly enough that they will probably say's a very relaxed place that has a neighborhood feel in spite of being in the middle of a quiet business section of downtown Vallejo. Drinks were good (not expensive) and if it weren't for the 30 minute drive, I could see myself stopping in more often just to see what everyone's up to or to check out one of their events.

Summary: Townhouse Cocktail Lounge (click for Myspace info)
Location: 401 Georgia Street, Vallejo
Genre: neighborhood bar with events
Food: n/a (none served that we could tell)
Drinks: average, full bar
Price Range: around $6/drink (cash only), no cover except for some events
Environment: diverse, friendly, comfortable, brightly lit, events on Saturdays, ages: late-20s+
Gay Scene: mixed (LGBTQ/straight), PDA's okay


  1. According to the overly friendly gay bartender (personal opinion), the Sour Apple Jack has Sour Apple Pucker, J.D, and Apple Juice. As for giving a fake name, just be sure you aren't the "bloggers" other straight friend who does give a fake name because he doesn't wish to get hit on, because the blogger will give them your real name.

  2. Hahah! Thanks for commenting, "anonymous". By the way, I wouldn't have had to CLEAR THINGS UP with your real name if you had just stuck to one fake name. Ezra? Ethan? Pick one and go with it, fool.