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Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Solidarity: Immigration March today at 5p in Napa

[Note: comments have come in--and have since been confirmed--suggesting that the march is scheduled for May 1, which would make sense, being International Labor Day...this post has been updated to reflect the new information.]

Because gays aren't the only outsiders in Napa

This blog exists to connect us LGBT folks with each other and to work to build community for us in Napa... As part of an "unseen" minority, I feel a connection with others and groups who also often feel unaccepted and judged. In that light, I share the following:

Thursday, May 1st, at 5p there will be a gathering at (in?) St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (960 Caymus St, Napa) as a show of solidarity and unity for the immigrant community here in Napa. The gathering will march/walk towards Fuller Park on Jefferson and should end at 7p. I am not sure who is organizing this event.

I am not sure if any will object to us posting about immigration on a blog about gay life in Napa, and I know the issue of legal/illegal immigration is one that is hotly debated. However, I am looking at this from the angle of a people who feel like outsiders. As a gay man in Napa, I can relate to being judged and name-called for being one of "them". Due to prejudice, stereotypes and sometimes even outright racism, residents and undocumented alike are judged, avoided, name-called, scape-goated and at the same time invisible.
  • For a friend of mine who has been here since 2 years old, attended elementary, middle, high school and college here and still isn't considered full american...and isn't allowed to volunteer for the fire department
  • For two friends of mine yelled at in the street--"fucking beaners!"--when they stopped to help push a strangers car that had stalled on Trancas...
  • For some parents I know that work 2 jobs: days/nights/weekends, and still struggle to provide their children with what they need...
  • For those I've seen treated differently just because they looked like "one of those Mexicans"...
  • Because I have been name called and judged based on a label for who I am...
I plan on showing my support to build a Napa where all are welcome.

I also welcome readers' feedback: is this post out of place?


  1. Not out of place. You wrote eloquently and tied the two topics to one another seamlessly! Great job!

  2. For whatever reason, I thought the march was going to take place on May 1. At least that's what the flyer I received said. You might want to check your source.

    Nice blog, by the way. Thank you for offering it to this community.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! We'll look into that...originally the news came to us through an unconfirmed tip, so we're looking for more solid info...

  4. This is NOT out of place at all! Identity is multifaceted. There are people who are both gay and an immigrant. Having this on your blog acknowledges the wholeness of those folks in both communities. Thank you!