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Monday, April 12, 2010

Napa Pride 2010 planning meeting Tues, Apr 13, 6:30p

[Update, April 13: I removed dates from this year's planning so as not to confuse people. Everything is still very tentative and from our first meeting planning. If you'd like to "shore things up", then join us for our next planning meeting and get involved.]

Napa Valley LGBTQ Pride will take place this June 12-20, 2010.

This Tuesday, April 13, the planning group for Napa LGBTQ Pride 2010 will be meeting again at the Stonehedge tasting room (after hours) at 6:30p to keep our plans moving for this year's festivities. Last week we started slating out the week's worth of activities including (and these are all tentative, from our first planning meeting):
  • Movie Night, Haley & Ashley
  • Additional Bar Night, Rick
  • Bowling Night, TJ
  • Youth Dance, Will
  • Interfaith Service, Paul
  • Bar Night, Rick
  • Sat Day Event (picnic/parade/festival), Terri
  • Guerilla" T-Dance, Rick
  • Recovery Brunch, Rick
  • Art Show & Poetry, Julio
Possible events, but still needing chairs
"Latino Night" @ Napa Billiards?
Pizza Party?
This Tuesday, we'll attempt to cover the following, including:
  • Event Chairs will bring their brainstorm of more details for their respective events
  • Discuss what are standards for “official events” and determining what events are “official”?
  • Discuss decision making: Who gets to vote? Is there an official decision maker or is it the group present at any given meeting?
  • The group will identify a theme or motto for Napa Pride 2010. A logo design will follow.
  • Will we have some overall fundraising to support Pride Week and its events? Further discussion is needed to determine if a group(s) and/or cause(s) should be designated as the beneficiary in the event any proceeds occur from Pride Week events.
If you have ideas, constructive concerns or even better, the desire to help, please come to this Tuesday's meeting from 6:30-7:30p at 1004 Clinton Street in Napa – sort of between Uva Trattoria and Pizzeria Azzurro.

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