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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Queen of Valley HIV/AIDS progs slashed by State cuts; date chosen for Napa Valley AIDS Walk 2009

As we mentioned a week ago, California's Governator slashed millions of dollars from the State's budget, affecting many vital programs significantly, including HIV/AIDS funding, affecting thousands of people's lives. We recieved more detail from our friends at the Napa Valley Unity League and a statement from the Queen of the Valley hospital, coordinator of a main, local HIV/AIDS support:
As you know, many fundraisers sponsored by the Napa Valley Unity League support the Community Outreach programs at The Queen of the Valley Medical Center. The recently announced state budget cuts have significantly affected their efforts to serve our community. Here is an update from The Queen:

"At Queen of the Valley Medical Center, the recently announced State budget cuts will have a significant impact on a number of important community health programs including HIV services and others. The revised budget ends all funding for one of three HIV case management programs, which had been allocated approximately $90,000 in the budget originally approved by the California legislature. The Queen is committed to continuing the program, at least through fiscal year 2010, by allocating a significant portion of our community health "reserves." However, we don't really know the long-term impact of these budget actions if State funding is not restored.

The announced cuts will also have a negative impact as a result of reduced funding for the Healthy Families program, which affects about a third of the children who access our Children's Mobile Dental Clinic. We are currently assessing what the full extent of these reductions will be on the hundreds of families for whom our outreach programs serve.

Our long history of providing high quality and caring service is founded on our four core values: Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice. These four central principles inspire us to reach out to those in need and to help them heal. Queen of the Valley devotes a percentage of its net income to outreach activities and services that help rebuild lives and care for the underserved and disadvantaged.

The Queen is firmly committed to continuing to provide these and other critical services for our community. We will continue to assess the full impact of the recent cuts, and we will work with all potential private and public funding sources to secure the funding if needed to continue to provide our services to the Napa Valley community."

It's more important than ever to directly support worthwhile organizations that provide vital services to our community and to our state. Please keep this in mind when you consider your participation in the 2009 Napa Valley AIDS Walk. Details about this annual event are coming soon!
And a date for the Napa Valley AIDS Walk was just chosen: Saturday, October 31st. Get it on your calendars and start raising money now!

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  1. Are those with HIV/AIDS aware that the Council may ban marijuana dispensaries in the City of Napa?

    The City Council meets tonight (begins at 6:30p.m.), in our City Hall on School St (between First and Second).