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Monday, June 29, 2009

Fortunate Families, Casey Lopata in Berkeley tonight: LGBT Catholics special meeting, Mon, June 29

When I was first coming out to myself and then to close friends and family four years ago, I devoured books and information to help me start learning new ways to be true to my whole self. One of those books that was really important to me--and to me being able to come out to my mom/family--was called Fortunate Famlies, by Mary Ellen and Casey Lopata. Both devout Catholics when the oldest of their six sons came out to them, they wrote the book as a response of how to be true to being Catholic and true to their love for their gay son, and they share the experience of hundreds of Catholic families in similar situations:
Fortunate Families addresses the experience of Catholic parents who love their gay sons and lesbian daughters. The book had its genesis in a descriptive survey of over 200 such parents. It integrates results from the survey, church documents and stories so readers can access what they need most. Some readers will search for accurate information about Catholic teaching; others may connect with the lived experience of other Catholic parents. Still others will find examples of ministerial advocacy and support within the Catholic Church...Grounded in Catholic tradition, Fortunate Families welcomes families of all faiths.
Tonight the two parents who wrote the book will be in Berkeley to present at a special meeting of LGBT Catholics at Newman Hall/Holy Spirit Parish. I'll be going.
LGBT Catholics: A Special Evening of Reflection for LGBT Catholics, their Families and Friends
Monday, Jun 29, 7pm to 9pm
Newman Hall, 2700 Dwight Way & College Avenue, Berkeley

Please join us for an evening of reflection for LGBT Catholics, their families and friends on Monday night June 29th, 7-9 p.m., in the lounge . The evening will be presented by Mary Ellen and Casey Lopata, who are the founders of Fortunate Families (
Also, to note:
LGBT Catholics: Summer Break.
We will be on summer break and will resume in the Fall.

For more information on the group or to subscribe to the group's announcement list, contact Antonio Salas at LGBT_Newman or (510) 663-6302. All are welcome.

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