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Friday, May 22, 2009

Veteran's park Napa rally: Day of Decision Tues 5:30p

Coinciding with today's announcement of Tuesday's Prop 8 ruling, there have been finalized plans for "reaction" rallies, locally and across the state.

Firstly, in Napa on Tuesday at Veteran's Park:

Join us at Veteran’s Park in downtown Napa at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, May 26 for Day of Decision – Napa Valley where our families, friends, neighbors and supporters will join together to express our reaction to the ruling...

Please be prepared, alert your friends and neighbors and have your signs made. Signs are VERY important as we need clear visual messages that express our sadness and anger or our elation and happiness!

*** Make signs for both occasions (a win or a lose) if you want! If you have to use your sad signs this time – there WILL be a day you get to use your happy signs! ***

[Update: pulled this from the Day of Decision Napa Rally's Facebook invite:

If the decision is in favor of marriage equality:
· Wear bright, happy colors!
· Bring large format pictures from same-sex weddings, or pictures showing happy couples and families.
· Make signs thanking the Supreme Court for letting Love Reign Supreme in CA!

If the decision is NOT in favor of marriage equality:
· Wear all black to the rally
· Bring large format copies of your marriage certificate - with a hole in it.
· Bring signs that show your sadness and/or anger
· Bring Candles of Hope to light]

Napa's Day of Decision rally is endorsed by:
  • Napa Valley Unity League
  • Napa Valley Equality Coalition
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Marriage Equality USA
  • Join the Impact
  • Napa County Democratic Central Committee
  • ...and this blog!
There will be two decisions announced on Tuesday morning: the fate of Proposition 8 and the fate of the 18,000 couples that were married when same-sex marriage was legal in California.

If you'd like to find events in other parts of the state or United States, go here for the directory.

Additionally, Tuesday's announcement means that "Meet in the Middle for Equality" will hold their Central Valley event in Fresno next Saturday, May 30.

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