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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Napa Valley Pride desperately needs your help

Napa Pride will be a failure unless we get your help within the next seven days.

After Monday's Pride planning meeting, a handful of us lingered after to talk about how we desperately need to save Napa Valley Pride.

Sure, it's not too huge, a little homegrown parade and picnic and some local wineries and restaurants are having more extravagant (but still accessible) dances and cocktails and morning brunches.

To make sure the local's are well taken care of, the Guerrilla Gay Bar will be planning some easy, fun, "let's all meet up at..." as well.

BUT we desperately need help on the committees:
  • publicity and posters
  • parade
  • picnic
  • fundraising
Please, please...if you are at all interested in helping our hometown have these events, please get in touch with me or with the event coordinator TODAY or AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Our next whole group check in will be on Tuesday, May 26th, but there's lots of work to be done before then.

Yes, I'm begging, but it's only because I want this event to be a success. There have been a dedicated handful of folks coming to meetings and helping so far, and we need to expand our support. Pride will not happen unless more people step up.

Photo by parallax147

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  1. PS - the dog photo was to imply cute begging. :)