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Monday, March 30, 2009

Pedro Zamora movie April 1st

Sure, I covered it in a previous Weekly LGBT News Update, but I wanted to point it out again, especially now that there's a trailer to embed on the site:

I'm sure many of The Fruit's readers--especially those around my age--will remember Pedro from The Real World (you know, back when it was good).

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  1. I hope Deon Taylor's T.V. show Up All Nite will feature stuff like this.

  2. ""Pedro" could have been just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, the movie is so dull and disease-of-the-week derivative, it's not likely to have much of an effect beyond putting people to sleep. The film starts with Pedro's audition tape for "The Real World"—there's a lot of "Real World" on display—before flashing back to his journey from Cuba and through the rest of his short life, which ended when he was only 22. Alex Loynaz, the actor playing Pedro, has the thankless task of re-creating verbatim some of the memorable scenes from "The Real World." The screenplay, by Dustin Lance Black ("Milk"), never teaches us anything about Zamora that you couldn't learn from his Wikipedia entry. The power of Pedro's story was its rawness and how "real" it really felt."

    Excerpt from a provocative review on the Pedro Zamora movie from KennyERJ on RealityUpdates: