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Friday, March 6, 2009

Napa City Council to support same-sex couples?

Not sure which way this might go, but at the Eve of Justice Vigil on Wednesday night, Napa City Councilmember Mark Van Gorder was in attendance (thank you for your support!) and gave report on a happening in the City Council from Tuesday night:

At the City Council's March 17th meeting, they will take up the idea of sending a letter--in the name of justice and equality--of support to overturn Proposition 8. Who knows if by then it will be too late (the Supreme Court decision could be made before then), but I'm interested to see how it plays out. There might be extended public comment or it might (as Van Gorder explained) be on the agenda as a "consent item", and then it would be best to let it just slide through to approval without much to pull it off track.

I still don't think of Napa as an overwhelmingly gay supportive city--even though the majority of the County voted against Prop 8, and even though our marches and events against Prop 8 have been well attended and supported--so it will still be a powerful statement to see City government take a stand in support of the LGBT community. Since the City made a declaration for Pride in 2002, the only outwardly "supportive" act I can remember them taking was the Mayor's letter in support of the visiting gay softball tournament last year. And, although exciting, I didn't find the letter exceptionally supportive--it didn't even mention the word gay!

We'll see how the letter goes on the 17th.

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