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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Napa City Council equality resolution web video now online

The Napa City Council has finally posted video of the March 17 City Council meeting, featuring Mark VanGorder's resolution for equality and the 2 dozen Napa residents who spoke up in public comment.

Worth a watch, go here to the City Council's webpage. You will find the streaming link under the March 17th REGULAR (not special) meeting. (You need to have Microsoft's Silverlight installed for it to work on Windows or Mac).

Go to:
  • 29:24 minute mark for VanGorder's introduction,
  • 33:52 for the start of public comment,
  • 1:41:23 for the Napa City Council's responses.
Public comment is amazing, Council (in)action is embarassing.

Something really useful (that I don't currently have time for) would be to get a transcript of the public comments, including names of the speakers. Any Friends of The Fruit willing to help out?

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if transcripts become available after Council meetings? Transcription might not be so much work if someone has voice recognition software to process the audio feed from the video. I, too, don't have the time right now.

    National groups, I've heard, may be calling for a boycott of the City of Napa, and Juliana Inman's comments in yesterday's Chronicle article (from Page B-1) are going to make things even worse.

    It is time for lodgings and individual business to certify, somehow, that they are gay-friendly...or not. And perhaps that is part of the whole reason why this resolution was submitted to a vote in the first place.