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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

R-Bar Vallejo closing? Not so fast...

[Update: R-Bar has since closed. Details here.]

I heard a rumor, via the Fruit's tipline, that R-Bar in Vallejo ("Vallejo's only LGBT Bar", "longest happy hour, Tuesday - Friday, 6-9p) might be closing within the week.

The economy sure isn't helping, and now with the internets (with easy, safer organizing and easy, not-necessarily-so-safe online hookups) it looks like Fortune magazine's prediction might be coming true.

I got the scoop from an anonymous source connected to R-Bar:
"'s all kind of up in the air right now. They are looking at 3 more months for sure as of now. They have several interested parties that are looking in to purchasing the bar and keeping it running. They are trying their damnedest to keep it going as those who work there love it and the loyal customers. If it comes to a time when they know they are closing they will make announcements and possibly plan a closing party.... They are not looking at moving at this time, it would be a final close =(.

Say a prayer, cause R-Bar needs it!

Remember, folks, support your local LGBT friendly hang-outs if you want them to stay around! As much as I love the online community building, there's something to be said for meeting real life people--in real life--and also the affect it has on the rest of the community when they see us as real and vibrant and contributing to our community just as much as the rest of the neighborhood (if not more).

R-Bar is at 437 Virginia Street, in Vallejo.

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