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Monday, February 9, 2009

Napa, California: town of...

Documentary-short is embedded on site.
In Sunday's Register, they posted an article about this YouTuber from Napa who made this documentary about our beloved town. He was praised for his honesty about "Napa life" for locals.

I watched it, found it amusing, mostly well done and fairly honest. I thought we could help add to the discussion here.

What do you think of living in Napa for locals?

  • Great food and wine (duh)
  • Amazing scenery (especially upvalley) that's easy to take for granted
  • Some very friendly pockets of liberalism (the whole town isn't ass backwards or conservative)
  • Expensive!
  • Mostly invisible or underground LGBT community
  • Horribly non-existent night life (desserted streets, restaurants closed after 6p weeknights, 9p weekends)
  • Hard to meet good people: for singles; for young adults
  • Business and government mostly cater to rich, to white, to older
Your thoughts? Queer or not, what do you like or not about living in Napa?

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