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Monday, February 9, 2009

Milk back at the Castro, finally at Cinendome Napa

photo by Jamison

If you missed Milk's playing (one night only) at the Cameo in St. Helena (thank God it finally started playing here!), then here's maybe an even better way to watch it:

Milk returns to the Castro theater in SF, Feb 15-26, 2009.
More info:

For those who rarely venture out of town, Milk is also FINALLY playing at the Napa Cinedome. Click here for Fandango times.

[Note: thanks for the update, Rick, can't believe I missed that the Cinedome had Milk! When I had repeatedly called the Cinedome's business number, they repeatedly told me it wasn't going to play here, no explanation.]


  1. Milk IS playing at the Cinedome. I saw it on the marquee last Friday and it's on the Fandango page here:

  2. thanks for the update.... can't believe it is here.