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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drag show this Saturday @ Napa Billiards: Celebrate national drag history month

So maybe the timing is just pure coincidence, but it does happen to be National Drag History Month (so study up and honor your local drag queen!). That means it's time to celebrate!

...and it just happens that the Drag Show at Napa Billiards is this Saturday, January 17th. The flyer says after 9pm, but you know those ladies, they primp and prep for the show until at least 10p. But show up anytime and support Napa's only drag venue and mixed gay/straight pool hall. The ladies deserve good tips, too!

You'll probably recall from our previous reviews and write-ups about Napa Billiards that the gay/straight (and many bicurious) mix isn't exactly mapped out, but our best estimation is that the folks hanging out closer to the bar are more likely to be queer (or gay friendly) and the further away from the bar and towards the back of the billiards you get the straighter you probably are. Who knows, by the end of the night everyone's dancing, having fun and exploring the blurry lines between straight and gay and everyone in between. Plus, it's National Drag History Month, so let's celebrate not being confined to limiting genders and orientations. Everyone should queer it up!

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